Warranty Details

What is covered in the Warranty?

In our commitment to customer satisfaction, Scala Gears offers a warranty on all our products, emphasizing coverage exclusively for manufacturing defects.

  • Scala Gears provides 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects for Riding Jackets / Pants and 1 Year for Gloves.
  • The warranty provided by Scala Gears covers defects in material and workmanship exclusively for the original owner of the product.
  • Only Purchases made directly from Scala Gears website or authorized dealers / resellers will be considered for warranty coverage.
  • A valid warranty claim requires the original invoice sent on the email address of the buyer or from an authorized dealer / reseller to be submitted.
  • Only for Scala Gears approved products for warranty claims, the company will proceed with either repairing or replacing the items (Check for approval steps in Warranty Claim procedure)
  • In the event that the product is unavailable or discontinued, we will offer an alternative model as a replacement under warranty. Else, you will have to wait until the product is restocked. Please note that no refund will be issued if the desired product is not available.
What won’t be covered in Warranty?
  • Products purchased below the MRP through offers or discounts are not eligible for warranty coverage.
  • Scala Gears is not liable for problems resulting from incidents like crashes or falls.
  • Any customization, including glue, paint, stitching, or patches, is not covered in the warranty.
  • Improper handling or misuse of the products is not the responsibility of Scala Gears.
  • Paint fade due to extended exposure to sunlight/UV light, especially for high-viz and bright colors, is not covered.
  • Normal wear and tear resulting from regular usage is not covered by the warranty.
  • Damage to stitching, zippers, buttons due to improper usage is not within the scope of warranty coverage.
  • Aging or damage of inner fabrics/liners due to regular use is not covered by Scala Gears.

For any other assistance, please reach out to a reseller or dealer, or directly reach out to the company at support@scalagears.com

Warranty Claim Procedure

  1. Reach out to Scala Gears by emailing support@scalagears.com or call at +918655503041. Provide a comprehensive explanation of the issue and include supporting images taken from various angles and zoom lengths over the email or on WhatsApp Number (both mentioned above). Details should include:

a. Customer Name
b. Purchase Date
c. Description with images
d. Scanned copy of Invoice/Bill

  1. The company will assess the provided information to determine if the issue falls within the .scope of warranty coverage and holds the right of approval.
  2. Upon successful review, the customer will receive confirmation regarding their warranty claim, and a repair or replacement will be provided at the company’s discretion.
  3. If the product doesn’t fall under warranty coverage, Scala Gears may offer a repair service at a reasonable cost, provided it is feasible.
  4. If the issue falls under warranty, we will take care of the entire process, however, customer just need to dispatch the item(s) to us through a local courier. After the repair is completed, we will dispatch the item to customer’s address, and the company will cover the shipping costs.