• If you require assistance with a warranted item, please refer to our guidelines under Warranty for further information.
  • Even if the product is not under warranty, we are still here to provide assistance and support as all our customers are valuable to us.

Feel free to contact us at support@scalagears.com with a detailed description and images of the issue. If the product seems repairable, we’ll guide you to send it to the provided address, with shipping costs at your expense. Please note we’re not responsible for any damage or loss during transit.

After receiving the product, our team will conduct a thorough inspection to determine if repair is feasible. If so, we’ll offer a repair cost estimate and only upon your approval and payment, we’ll proceed with the repair at nominal charges.

Once the product is finally repaired and ready, the product will go through a thorough quality inspection before being sent back to you with care. The entire process typically takes about 10 days, it may even take a bit longer during rush hours/ periods. We’ll ensure to keep you updated on the progress and provide you with a reliable estimate of the completion time.